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perennials, choosing perennials, daylilyUntil just a few years ago, most people didn’t plant perennials unless they were real flower enthusiasts. Perennials are pretty, but not year-round.  When they bloom, they may be glorious for two or three weeks a year.  After that, they can be a little sad.  Flower enthusiasts would create perennial borders in out of the way areas of their estates, and visit them during bloom times to cut flowers for arrangements.  They might have a fall border and a spring border, and even a summer border, each in a different area, so the off-season border could be cleaned up and made fairly invisible in the landscape.  That’s why they were planted in borders – so they could blend in at the edges of the gardens when out of bloom.

Recently, plant pros and designers introduced a new look, to American landscapes anyway, that included the use of perennials and ornamental grasses.  The popularity of these bold, colorful, texturally interesting outdoor spaces really caught on, and suddenly there was a market for all of us to enjoy. It is now okay to use herbaceous plant material within the entire landscape design scheme, as long as adequate maintenance forces are available!

Some perennials work really well within landscape sites.  Let’s explore the best, along with helpful tips for using perennials to their maximum potential.  Let us know what has worked for you and we will publish the best tips on the site.  Thanks!

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