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Flower Arrangements

flower arrangements, flower arranging, wedding flowersA dream of mine all my life was to have fresh flower arrangements throughout my home. You can appreciate the intricate beauty of each bloom up close and in air conditioning! I participated in the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc. exhibiting, staging, and judging courses and have participated in a few flower shows, and thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience! My true dedication is to the fun part of it, rather than competitive involvement, though.  You can see that effect in my results.  Please don’t judge too harshly!

In my opinion a lot of great creative home arrangers are being lost to time, so if you can participate in a garden club and learn through a mentor, it would be splendid. You don't need to become an award winning floral designer to enjoy arranging. Anyone can stop and smell the roses.

Let’s explore using cut flowers in beautiful arrangements together. Let me know your tips and about your successes and I will post the best on the site. Thanks!

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Flower Arrangements